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Frequently Asked Questions

About OneCall™ Ventilation

About OneCall™ Ventilation

Do I need to clean up after One Call does a cleaning?

Absolutely not! One Call Ventilation prides itself in not only leaving your hood system clean, we guarantee to leave your kitchen cleaner than how we found it. We leave no mess behind! One Call Ventilation has devoloped a throurough checklist that our technicians fill out and have signed by you before they leave. Our checklist includes wiping down your equipment, mopping up your floor, and re-lighting your pilots.

What does One Call Ventilation clean?

Like most companies, we clean the hood and stainless behind the hood, but most importantly we clean what you don’t see from the roof down through the duct work to the hood. We clean the entire system, from the fan blades, down through the duct system, cleaning it all to bare metal.

Is One Call Ventilation Licensed and Insured?

One Call Ventilation is fully insured and carries workmans’ compensations for its employees. Unlike most cleaning companies, One Call Ventilation are experts in ALL areas of hood systems. We hold the following licenses:
  • Massachusetts Hood Cleaning License
  • Boston Fire Department Hood Cleaning License,
  • Unrestricted General Contractor License,
  • Unrestricted Master Sheet Metal License
  • Hood System Fire Suppression License
  • Fire Extinguisher License
  • Confined Space Certified.

About Service Agreements

About Fans

About Fans

Do I need make-up air?

Yes, make-up air replaces the air that the hoods exhaust removes from the kitchen. Without make-up air you will have negative pressure in your kitchen/restaurant. A hood without make-up air will suck out your heat and air conditioning effecting your customers’ comfort and your wallet. 

Can you size our fan so that we get the right air flow?

Yes we can, there are a great number of factors going into the calculating the correct cfm (cubic feet per minute) of air. Getting the correct airflow is key to getting the grease laden vapor out and to insert the correct amount of make-up air in. 

Do you install hinge kits on fans?

We install many kinds of hinge kits to access the fans blades for cleanings. 

How do I know that One Call Cleaned the fan or duct, I can’t see it?

At your request, One Call Ventilation’s technicians are equipped to take both before and after photos so that you can feel confident about the service that you are paying for. Is your current cleaning company offering the same? Give us a call, and see the difference! 

About Hoods

About Hoods

Can I see some of your installations?

Yes, please contact us and we will email you a photo gallery of MANY hood installations that we have completed. Click here for a preview of our work.

What kind of hoods do you install?

One Call installs every style of hood from your standard canopy hood, island hoods to custom fabricated hood. 

During an installation, do you cut the holes in the roof and seal them?

Yes, we have experienced roofers on our staff. 

Can you extend the length of my existing hood?

Extending your hood is possible, the existing duct and fan size, however may have to be increased to handle the new load. 

Can you clean our hood filters?

Although we do not include this in our general cleaning, it is an available option. One Call Ventilation can clean all hood filters at the cost of $5.00 each at the time of the hood cleaning. 

Do you have enough access panels?

Access panels need to be installed every 12 feet and at every bend in the duct work. A general rule of thumb is, if you can not see it, you can not clean it. Allow us to give you a free estimate / analysis to see if you're in compliance with applicible laws.