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Most of the existing codes have focused on the amount of air you need to exhaust to carry all the smoke, grease and odors out of the kitchen. Back when many of the building and mechanical codes were first written, that entailed a lot of educated guesswork, resulting in what many have long believed are exhaust volumes way beyond what’s actually needed. Using UL-listed equipment has helped operators get around some of these generous margins of error. UL, though, tests equipment for safety, not performance.

Much of the testing that led to ASHRAE 154P foc-used on how much effluent is produced by each type of cooking equipment under different load conditions. With more precise measurements of how much air has to be moved to carry away effluent for each piece of equipment, it becomes easier to spec an exhaust system based on the equipment that’s in the kitchen.

Our skilled technicians are available 24 hours a day to handle any of your kitchen ventilation needs.  Should the unimaginable happen, and your fan breaks down we are fully capable of getting you up and running quickly. 

Fan Maintence Program

Be Proactive....eventually your fan belt will break and this usually happens when your at your busiest.  Your kitchen fills with smoke, the fire department often comes and your customers scurry out.  We offer a maintenance package: twice a year we will come and change your belt, grease the bearings and adjust your pulleys to get the most out of your fan.  This is a relatively inexpensive way for you to avoid a major inconvience and loss of customers.

OneCall™ Ventilation also offers specials that work with customer's individual needs. Our maintenance Services specials, said OneCall's owner, completely restructures a cleaning process according a client's needs. The Emergency Cleaning division has staff working directly with the client to clean and repair hoods and fans in order to ensure a client's success. Employees will even take a client's instructions, provided those instructions are within the constraints of the law and good public health policies and established guidelines.

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