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Grease Fire Destroys Local Restaurant

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A grease fire has been ruled as the actual cause of a blaze that severely damaged Royal Shish Kabob, 13057 Pardee Road, last Wednesday.

No one was injured, but damage to the Middle Eastern restaurant was significant. “It’s gutted,” Fire Marshal John Hager said. The fire began at about 6:30 p.m. when the owner left the kitchen to deliver food to customers. The owner was the only one working and saw smoke from the kitchen.

Hager said the stove’s fire suppression hood system, or built-in water sprinklers, turned on but were quickly overtaken. “Grease can ignite really quickly,” Hager said. “He could not get to his fire extinguisher. He dialed 911 and ran next door to the tattoo salon to tell them about the fire.” The next-door business, Babydolls Tattoos and Body Piercing Studio, 13059 Pardee, had only minor water damage. Hager said the owner plans to rebuild the restaurant.

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