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Extinguishing fires in a commercial kitchen isn’t a simple matter of throwing a bucket of water on the stove.  Flames feed on the high temperature oils, gas, paper, wood and cloth found in restaurant kitchens.   The resulting destruction can be harmful to life, property and the environment.

As the number of restaurants in Massachusetts has grown, industry standards were established to combat these dangerous fires.  One Call Ventilation uses the full range of suppression systems to reduce the opportunity for fires.  We will install, inspect, repair and service the most up-to-date wet chemical systems for restaurants.

We provide clients across Massachusetts with comprehensive, fire suppression services.

Fire suppression system installation includes:

Complete UL 300 compliant fire suppression system (includes chemical bottle, control head, pull station, chemical line and fusible link)
Plans, drawing of the fire system for the fire department and permit fees.




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Fire Suppression Inspections

We supply fire protection services that emphasize our commitment to service, quality and technical expertise. One Call Ventilation maintains a computerized customer service system that automatically tracks regular inspections and testing of your protection equipment as required by NFPA standards, insurance carriers and local authorities.

Our customer service staff will contact you to schedule inspections or testing of your fire protections equipment, relieving you of the burden of scheduling timely service.

To assist you in complying with the local authorities, as well as your insurance carrier, we provide detailed inspection reports for all inspections, testing, or services we perform.

Biannual fire inspections are just another MUST HAVE expense.

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