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24 hour cleaning services

Customers should be able to trust a contractor to fulfill what they were hired to do, and they should not have to worry about what hazards a contractor is hiding. We at one call ventilation  understand that trust is needed to build a strong relationship with our customers. We offer full digital photos of our services, both before and after  the cleaning.   One call ventilation also offers free photography of your exhaust system to check on your present cleaning company. We stand behind our work ethic and take our industry seriously.


One call ventilation is fully licensed/certified by the state and boston fire.

       The entire ventilation system must be cleaned.   If these areas are not cleaned per industry standards (nfpa 96) then you are playing with fire. It is only a matter of time before these types of neglected kitchen exhaust systems catch fire. Grease laden vapors are flash fires waiting to happen. If the fire makes it past your fire suppression system you might just lose your business. If your contractor neglects these areas of a system, they are not doing their job to protect you. Anyone can clean a hood but only a professional will clean the entire system including all hidden areas.

Don't let some guy with a pressure washer put your business at risk.  Call the professionals, our experienced, trained  certified cleaners will make your business.....Their business.


Let one call ventilation do the job as it is suppose to be done. Call for a free estimate:




The majority of restaurant fires originate on the kitchen cooking appliances and flare into the kitchen exhaust system. Regular maintenance of a facilities kitchen exhaust system is one of the best defenses against fire hazards. By keeping these systems working at their best, they will evacuate the smoke and grease out of the building and produce a cleaner, cooler kitchen and better working environment for staff.According to National Fire Protection Association Standard 96, kitchen exhaust systems should be inspected by a properly trained, qualified and certified company or individual.

OneCallâ„¢ Ventilation also offers specials that work with customer's individual needs. Our maintenance Services specials, said OneCall's owner, completely restructures a cleaning process according a client's needs. The Emergency Cleaning division has staff working directly with the client to clean and repair hoods and fans in order to ensure a client's success. Employees will even take a client's instructions, provided those instructions are within the constraints of the law and good public health policies and established guidelines.

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