Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have enough access panels?2019-02-07T08:41:20-05:00

Access panels need to be installed every 12 feet and at every bend in the duct work. A general rule of thumb is, if you can not see it, you can not clean it. Allow us to give you a free estimate / analysis to see if you’re in compliance with applicible laws.

Can you clean our hood filters?2019-01-28T03:35:28-05:00

Although we do not include this in our general cleaning, it is an available option. One Call Ventilation can clean all hood filters at the cost of $5.00 each at the time of the hood cleaning.

Can you extend the length of my existing hood?2019-01-28T03:34:54-05:00

Extending your hood is possible. The existing duct and fan size, however, may have to be increased to handle the new load.

During an installation, do you cut the holes in the roof and seal them?2019-01-28T03:34:09-05:00

Yes, we have experienced roofers on our staff.

What kind of hoods do you install?2019-01-28T03:33:37-05:00

One Call installs every style of hood from your standard canopy hood to island hoods and even custom fabricated hoods.

Can I see some of your installations?2019-01-28T03:47:36-05:00

Yes, please contact us and we will email you a photo gallery of MANY hood installations that we have completed. Check out the video below for a preview of our work.

How do I know that One Call Cleaned the fan or duct if I can’t see it?2019-01-28T03:31:31-05:00

At your request, One Call Ventilation’s technicians are equipped to take both before and after photos so that you can feel confident about the service that you are paying for. Is your current cleaning company offering the same? Give us a call and see the difference!

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