hood fire suppression systems inspection

The frequency of hood fire suppression system inspections can vary depending on local regulations and the type of system you have installed. However, here are some general guidelines along with additional insights particularly relevant to restaurants in the Greater Boston and New England area:

Semi-Annual Hood Suppression System Inspections

In many places, including several areas within Greater Boston and New England, it’s common to have a semi-annual inspection of your hood fire suppression system. This means the system should be inspected every six months by a certified technician. These biannual checks are crucial for the dynamic culinary scene in these regions, where kitchens often face high-volume cooking periods and seasonal menu changes.

Quarterly Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Inspections

Some jurisdictions or insurance companies in New England may require more frequent inspections, typically on a quarterly basis. This can be particularly relevant for restaurants that use high-heat cooking methods or have a history of grease buildup, as these factors can increase fire risk.

Annual Maintenance for Commercial Hood Systems

In addition to regular inspections, an annual maintenance check by a certified technician is often recommended to ensure the system is in proper working condition. In the Greater Boston area, where weather conditions can vary dramatically, this maintenance typically includes a more thorough examination and any necessary replacements or refills of fire suppression agents. It’s also a good time to review any changes in your kitchen’s layout or cooking equipment that might affect the system’s efficacy.


It’s crucial to keep thorough records of all inspections, maintenance, and any service performed on the fire suppression system. This documentation is often required for compliance with local regulations and may be necessary for insurance purposes. In New England, where local regulations can be stringent, maintaining comprehensive records is essential for smooth operations.

Immediate Post-Activation Service Following Fire Suppression System Activation

If the fire suppression system is ever activated, it should be serviced immediately afterward to ensure it can be reset and is ready for future use. This is particularly important in the bustling restaurant industry of Greater Boston, where downtime can significantly impact business.

Remember, it’s essential to check with your local fire department, health department, or relevant authorities to determine the specific inspection and maintenance requirements for your area, as regulations can vary. Additionally, work with a qualified and certified fire suppression system technician or company to conduct these inspections and maintenance tasks to ensure the safety of your restaurant.

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